DermaPen Skin Needling  is a recently embraced procedure here in the United States.  Skin needling, also called Micro-Needling, has been a standard procedure in Europe for decades. Advances over the years led to the development of automated micro-needling and the development of the DermaPen®. Although not as quickly or definitively effective as lasers, this simple mechanical device based on fine needle penetration can also deliver some of the same benefits of laser at a more affordable price point.
How does it work?  The premise is simple – create a small wound and the skin will respond with collagen production and new skin cells. Depending on the depth of the needle penetration, the DermaPen can offer skin rejuvenation levels from the simple enhancement of product absorption to the clinical treatment of scars and wrinkles.
What can the DermaPen be used for?
DermaPen allows us to quickly treat specific skin areas – large or small
• Lip wrinkles
• Skin Texture on the neck
• Skin Texture / Tone
• Acne Scarring/Trauma Scarring
• Pore appearance
• Melasma & Pigmentation
• Increase product absorption
• Textural improvements to chest
• Superficial facial wrinkles
• Stretch Marks
Treatment on the face is the primary location, but skin needling can successfully be used on any area of the body.
What about downtime?
Day 1: Erythema and red appearance and severity will depend upon how aggressive the treatment was performed.
Day 2: A red hue or pink hue persists like a moderate sunburn. Swelling may be more noticeable on the second day.
Day 3:  A little pink, swelling subsides.

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