$140 (Package pricing also available)

LumiLift Photo Rejuvenation is a one of a kind age renewal procedure combining three technologies that take muscle toning, lifting and product infusing to another level. An application of a conducting gel is applied to the face and neck. A Micro-current electrode is utilized to increase lymphatic flow, removing excess fluids and toxins while stimulating muscle tissue. Because this current is balanced in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical currents, the facial muscle is able to tighten or stretch as needed to restore the muscle tissue. This firms and renews facial contour and helps the aging process of the face and neck. During this 30 minute treatment, pulsating red LED light triggers repair throughout all the layers of the skin, increasing production of collagen and elastin five times over. To recondition the surface skin, a soothing massage is given using two smoothing iron shaped electrodes which emit, HF Polarized currents. The current gently infuses a cool, anti-aging, antioxidant gel deep within the skin while firming and tightening the skin.  Results can be seen after one treatment or schedule a package of 6 for maximum results.

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